Saturday, April 30, 2011

Further divertissements with daft hats HERE

Much fun was had watching the Royal Wedding yesterday at the Rectory in Penicuik. I went and got some sticky buns. Mrs Rabbit and I had coffee. The step-rabbit had hot chocolate.

About a minute and a half into the ceremony I see a computer note from a future bride here at St James asking whether it might not be possible to have trees in Church for her wedding next year.

I said I thought we could work something out.

But I can't wear a pointy hat because I'm not a bishop and I can't speak with the sonorous tones of Rowan Williams or Richard Chartres because I'm neither of these people.

We had a marvelous time - thought the service went off without a hitch - glorious copes and ecclesiastical finery, great music, a decent sermon by the Bishop of London - a young couple very much at ease.

We have nothing but proprietary raspberries for all the sour republicans at home and abroad muttering about the propriety of the whole exercise.

It was not only proper it was magnificent!